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Vernonkes, 27.05.2020
Wa government drafting new rangelands legislation, which will include restrictions on logging

Greens say logging is destroying ecosystems

Forestry officials were already concerned about how logging would affect nearby communities of Douglas fir and conifer trees in the region, said Mark O'Hara, a spokesman for the Forest Service's National Parks Conservation Office.

"We're trying to figure out how we can protect these iconic, special lands so we don't damage them again," he said.

The Forest Service is preparing to file legislation this summer which would create a new rangeland management rule that would restrict logging on existing rangelands, the first such proposal for nearly a century.

The measure, the Forest Management Act, would allow local communities to regulate their forest use. "This could be a model for other countries in the future, where they don't have this same problem we have," said Greg Tinsley, president of the Washington-based Wilderness Society.

The measure is currently under review by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. One proposal, which cleared the Senate in April, would allow logging on federal lands if it would improve water quality or reduce the impacts of drought. Another would create a process for rangers to issue permits for logging to areas where there is at least 80 feet of standing water.

An alternative, sponsored by Democrats, would make no such decision on logging.

The Forest Service and state and federal governments also are working on two other bills to limit logging. A new measure would establish special forest management rules that would permit logging and use of fire as the primary tool to control invasive species; a measure that would allow state and local governments to pass laws regulating log removal and use; and a bill that would protect wilderness areas from new development and development expansion.

Rangeland areas in Washington state have been a target of environmental activists for years. State forests have seen a decline in their forest cover because of federal and state policies that strip them of native species.

And timber companies, which are among the most prolific users of the lands, have sought special protections from local governments and the federal government as well.

State and federal timber companies have also sought to cut and remove millions of trees from forested areas since the 1990s in an effort to improve forest health, reduce disease and improve water quality.

"The state of Washington is moving forward with legislation that will protect forests from future logging in an effort to restore forest habitat, restore wildlife and improve water quality," said David L. Anderson, director of federal lands for the federal Bureau of Reclamation.

Some Republican members of Congress are also pushing changes to log rules, which are often criticized for putting the onus on state and local governments to manage their rangeland without local involvemen

The young people forced to live in aged care homes, even after leaving the care homes, will be responsible for what happens with their health care. When the parents of children in aged care homes see their young children living with adults who are in charge, they will be asking themselves, will the parents trust the adult to make decisions about how their children are to be cared for?

My point is that these are difficult questions. And a very fair argument that needs to be made to a very powerful and powerful political leader.

Q138 Jon Snow: Mr Deputy Speaker, if the Minister agrees that we need to examine our care system and to start asking the same questions again, I should ask what the Government's position is on changing the Care Act - what changes are being considered or what specific steps are being taken by the Secretary of State to consider the question again at some point in the future?

Jon Trickett: The Health Secretary is right. That is the first question.

Q139 Jon Snow: He said there would be no change to the Care Act because it was still in force for a time. Will that have anything to do with the Government's answer?

Jon Trickett: Well, I won't comment on what may or may not be changed because I do not want to be the sort of person that gets involved in the government's answer to the very difficult questions that come up. So what I will say is that we will see what we do next week. We want to ensure that all the issues have been looked into.

The minister is asking the question whether these changes are necessary because the Minister has asked the question. I do not think we should see the very difficult question that the hon. Gentleman has put to us answered in this country.

Q140 Jon Snow: The Minister was speaking about the change in legislation in the last Parliament. Will the Minister give you his view today on whether this should become a devolution bill?

Jon Trickett: Well, I will just say that the hon. Gentleman is very right that we should look at devolved legislation - the current proposals would make a significant difference to our care system.

I think that we also need to be talking about how we can help people when they are in the care system and not just when they are at home. So that there is no doubt that when we come to the issue of devolution we need to be thinking of a good system that brings this together.

The hon. Gentleman makes the right point about that. That will not be changing and the hon. Gentleman says, well, we can leave it to them.

Q141 Jon Snow: Then the Minister will respond, but he is using the word change. We will have an answer to that, yes?
Andrewpus, 26.05.2020

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Ради каждого сайта пишу отдельную программу сообразно накрутке и с через её постоянно делаю.

Стандартные возможности программы это многопоточность т.е. возможность сразу голосовать с разных ip. Это нужно ради того, для увеличить прыть накрутки опроса, ежели такая надобность есть. Коль же надобности в быстрой накрутке голосований отрицание, то можно всетаки делать в один поток.

Также учитываю все требования, чтобы непосредственно процесс накрутки был естественным. Это значит сколько посетитель не просто нажмет на кнопку голосования, только также побудет на странице, прокрутит вверх-вниз страницу. Буде нужно перейдет на другую случайную страницу для данном сайте.

Для снова больше обеспечивать Вас, дозволительно пользоваться маломальски источников переходов на страницу голосований. Обычно враз прямо переходят для страницу накрутки онлайн голосования и это вызывает подозрение у судей. Я же могу предложить разные источники, помимо прямого захода можно извлекать любую ссылку на стороннем сайте на данное голосование. Также позволительно входить для страницу после поисковые системы. Запас не ограничен. Тем самым Вы намного больше защищены в книга, сколько Вас уличат в накрутке и снимут с участия в голосовании.
Буде чтобы каждого онлайн проголосовавшего нужен прозелит емейл адрес, то это не проблема. Могу использовать свою базу емейлов(порядка 50 тыс), либо могу чтобы каждого пользователя регистрировать частный ящик. Это всетаки можно обсудить и не составляет проблемы.

На счет количества голосов в день, то оно может добиваться десятки тысяч проголосовавших в сутки.

Если у Вас грызть какие то другие пожелания сообразно накрутке, то постоянно обсудим и расскажу позволительно ли это сделать.

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Объясню схему работы.

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накрутка голосов в голосования вк
защита от накрутки при голосовании
накрутка голосований в вконтакте
накрутка опрос голосования вконтакте
накрутки голосований

MelvinQueep, 26.05.2020
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milahaGon, 25.05.2020
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TomiBonz, 25.05.2020
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Поехали как-то два соседа на базар вино продавать. По пути они сели передохнуть и закусить.
- Хорошо бы сейчас по стаканчику винца выпить, - вздохнул один.
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DavidDEp, 25.05.2020
Police seize 2000 ecstasy tablets at Australian venue Read more

"The drug is extremely powerful," said the NSW Attorney General, George Brandis. "There are people out there that should be charged. That's a huge message."

The Australian federal police (AFP) said that about 10,000 ecstasy tablets had been seized on Wednesday, but gave no figures.

The AFP said that the total amount seized during the operation on Wednesday could have been as high as 1.5m tablets, with each tablet weighing between 6 grams and 10 grams.

The operation involved:

Eight firearms recovered during the seizure;

100-metre (330-foot) of mobile and semi-trailer traffic;

500 pieces of evidence in plain sight that would have taken about five hours to secure;

500 search warrants carried out; and

A total of 3,839 "suspected and confirmed controlled drug seizures".

The AFP had issued public pleas to drug users across NSW to report drug-related crime, but did not specify what they contained.

One of the most famous busts took place in Sydney in March last year when the AFP and the Victorian police took 4,900 pills from the drug's largest warehouse in Sydney's east at the time.

Centroc chief backs water pipeline plan in Texas Copyright by KXAN - All rights reserved Image by James Pinner/KXAN + - ] Video

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- The Austin Water System has approved a $1.1 billion water pipeline from the Port of Corpus Christi to the city, city officials announced Thursday. The approval is not the final vote, but it ensures that the water pipe will be built.

The Port of Corpus Christi's board of directors voted 5-2 against approving the $3.8 billion project Wednesday, with three of the five members voting in favor. "This vote will make it official, it's going to get funded," Austin City Manager Steve Novick told the commission.

The city had been pushing to get the water pipeline, which will bring water from the Port of Corpus Christi to the city's northern half to replace an aging and costly aqueduct system, to be built.

It will serve between Austin and West Austin, and at least 20 communities beyond that along the river, including areas like the City of Austin's Old Westend neighborhood, north of downtown.

The pipeline is expected to produce a 500,000 gallon per day load of water, which the city's engineers say would have a minimal impact on infrastructure and water quality.

"The process through which this project is submitted to the City Council will ensure that the process is sensitive and thorough," Austin Mayor Steve Adler said in a prepared statement.

The $1.1 billion is the most in city history.

Since it began, Texas leaders have been working on a pipeline proposal that would bring up to 300,000 gallons per day of fresh water and other resources to West Austin. The project is already scheduled to be completed in 2023, while the current aqueduct has a 20-year service life of nearly 30 years.

In addition to the $1.1 billion in funding, officials also received the backing of the Texas Legislature, the state's largest landowners. They approved a bill that increases the amount of water they can get from the river.

The bill also removes $300 million in revenue from existing water agencies and water contractors.

The new approval will make it available for the public to weigh in on if the state is capable of doing the job of replacing the current system.
labedroomThamp, 25.05.2020
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Это – лекарство, которое обладает положительным воздействием на организм. Однако его нельзя употреблять в случае наличия таких противопоказаний:

• чувствительность к определенным компонентам средства;
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• детский возраст – до 18 лет.

На Lenvaxen (Ленватиниб 10 мг) - Ленваксен (Lenvatinib 10 mg) - аналог Ленвима отзывы собраны на различных медицинских форумах. Комментарии пациентов в основном положительные. Вам нужно сходить к врачу, чтобы посоветоваться с ними по вопросам употребления медикамента. Только в таком случае он не навредит Вашему здоровью.

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• инфекции мочевыводящих путей;
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• инфаркт миокарда;
• носовые кровотечения;
• резкие скачки артериального давления.

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Weekend rain fails to boost dam levels on Lake Erie.

The dam, which supplies Lake Erie with water, had begun to fail last week as a storm system moved into the area from upstate New York. The lake level reached record lows on Sunday, but was still within the range for normal and safe levels.

"It's still at the lower end," Lake Superior Restoration Authority CEO Thomas J. Murphy said of the lake level on Tuesday. "We are hopeful that it will take another storm to make it to our maximum, although we are hoping it will stay low."

Hurricane Sandy, a Category 5 hurricane, brought some additional rainfall to New York on Tuesday, with one of the highest totals since the storm began in August 2012. The New York Harbor Bridge was knocked off its bridge posts on Monday, and the water has been surging on Monday toward the city.

On Tuesday, at a press conference, officials from the New York Harbor Water Authority were telling people who live on or near the shore of Lake Ontario that they should consider rerouting traffic on their way home or at work for a while and to avoid areas like the bridges.

A few hours after the storm hit Tuesday morning, the Army Corps of Engineers told residents to evacuate their homes, businesses and military bases.

In New Jersey, some businesses were closed due to flooding, and water was flooding the streets. Officials advised people to stay away from storm drains that might flood to their house. Officials urged residents of nearby towns to consider evacuating.

Ramsgate High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, was evacuated due to flooding.

"We were told by the city that we have to go now," Eric Hofer said in a brief text message exchange. "They did not tell us anything about when, if ever. We were told I guess a couple days after the storm but we were told we have to start moving fast. We have no time to put our kids in school, so if we need to go now and go up and down, get out."

As of about 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, water levels on Lake Ontario were about 18 feet. The level remained below those conditions for more than eight hours, and Lake Erie is considered to be "stable."

"The dam is still at its safe and maximum capacity," officials said. "We have not exceeded that."

After a lull in heavy rainfall around New York and New Jersey on Sunday, the National Weather Service issued a weather watch for Sunday night and continued to warn of dangerous weather.

Man charged over honeymoon gap sexual assault

Punishment: Four years' probation, 12 weeks community service

Read more about:
DavidDEp, 24.05.2020
Emergency alert system tested at black mountain in act to remove carbonate, water

Cease-fire declared as fighting between man and wildlife takes a dramatic turn, after mountain lion attacks and fatal attack by lynx killed three people in central Australia

Eagle of death - a mountain lion, which killed two people and injured five in New South Wales

Lions still live, despite attack on remote island island of Esperance

Lions still on the hunt, despite being reclassified as an endangered species from critically endangered after losing claws

Cease fire declared by emergency services as people go about their daily lives in New South Wales - killing two lions after attack

Australian wildlife services continue to struggle to protect endangered species amid increasing numbers of wild animals killed in conflicts in Australia - an latest report has found.

The latest report - released on Tuesday by the Australian Wildlife Services - has called for action to save Australia's native mammal, the eastern grey parrot.

The Parrot's decline over the past 30 years has coincided with the introduction of large hunting and logging farms and plantations which destroy forests, streams and wetlands.

The eastern grey parrot has become the country's most endangered animal with a decline of 90 per cent in just 50 years, the report found.

The species is also the subject of a national initiative which has called for greater efforts to protect the birds and also urges them to be protected from illegal bushfires.

The species has now been listed as critically endangered.

The eastern grey parrot is one of several native animals in Australia that has lost the ability to fly, in part because of changes to their digestive systems, a decline in their range and hunting.

The eastern grey parrot is one of many native animals that have lost the ability to fly, in part because of changes to their digestive systems, a decline in their range and hunting

The Parrot was a native animal in Australia

Eastern Gray Parrots are native to coastal rain forests and inland plains throughout Australia, where they live on trees and shrubs

The Parrot may be a small but dangerous pest - especially to house cats - as it attacks them from the ground when they are sleeping.

A study last year by Australian researchers concluded that about 1.7 million parrots are killed a year in Australia.

The eastern grey parrot can be found in Tasmania, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

More than half the animals on that continent have fallen prey to the animal since 1900.

In Australia the eastern grey parrot is a common animal, but the species suffers from its size, and therefore the effects of hunters.

Scientists believe that their population could decline by as much as 20 per cent as a result of habitat loss

Wimmera meeting hears gm crops fears, including food security, and plans to increase agricultural exports.

In 2014, Germany committed to increase its agricultural output from 5.2 million tonnes to 8.9 million tonnes by 2025.

"We see strong prospects for German agriculture as long as the global economic situation improves, but it has to adjust to a changing political climate. We are going to have to re-assess our business strategy and take a hard line in this area," Wimmera told the meeting.

EU exports have risen steadily in the past two decades to record levels of €1.26 trillion in 2016, according to the EU's agricultural statistics body Eurostat.

At the same time, China has become a major exporter of grain, contributing a greater share of all European grain exports compared with the former Soviet Union and the former Soviet Union.

European food prices rose slightly in the year through March, reaching an annual average of 0.941 US dollars per metric tonne last year compared to 0.931 USD per tonne in 2015, Eurostat said on Friday, as inflation surged as a result of the euro zone debt crisis.
KarinOracy, 24.05.2020

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